Can You Really Use CBD For Weight Loss?

CBD for Weight Loss


What if CBD actually took your munchies away?

Many people associate CBD oil with marijuana and imagine it causes people to do some serious snacking. However, CBD is actually a great way for you to manage and lose weight.

Wondering what the secrets to CBD for weight loss are? Keep reading to learn all about them!

CBD for Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

We've put together a solid guide to the ways that CBD oil can promote weight loss. First, though, we need to explore a bit of how the process works.

The basic answer is that the use of CBD oil affects parts of your brain such as the cannabinoid receptors. And these CB receptors are tied to weight and obesity.

Additionally, the use of CBD helps to promote general happiness and a sense of balanced well-being. This can also positively affect weight loss, especially in those whose weight fluctuates due to depression.

Now that you know more about how CBD oil and weight loss go together, here are a few of the specific ways CBD promotes weight loss.

Appetite Reduction

The most essential way that CBD oil affects weight loss is by reducing appetite. After all, when you are eating less food, you're likelier to lose weight!

Remember those CB receptors we mentioned? CBD oil can help different molecules in your body turn off the CB1 receptor that makes people likelier to overeat.

Obviously, not everyone's body is the same, and not every CBD user has the same experience. However, the ability of CBD oil to suppress appetite has been proven in previous animal testing.

Boosts Metabolism

Reducing your caloric intake is only one part of the weight-loss equation. The other is your metabolism, which controls how fast and efficiently your body breaks down what you eat.

In a different set of animal studies, rats exposed to CBD experienced a higher metabolism than those who were not exposed. This is because of the CBD interacting with those same receptors, and the result was dramatic weight loss in the rats over a period of two weeks.

It's understandable to be skeptical about whether animal testing is a reliable indicator of effects on human bodies. However, CBD's relationship with weight loss has been supported by multiple scientific studies.

"Good" Fat Cells

Most people think of fat cells within their body as a negative thing. However, the truth is that there are different kinds of fat cells inside your body, and one kind is actually very good.

Most of your fat cells are white. And these white fat cells store energy, protect your organs, and can cause diabetes and heart disease in high amounts.

Meanwhile, brown fat cells generate the actual heat that burns calories. When we talk about "burning fat," these are the cells actually doing the burning.

As you might imagine, healthy people tend to have more brown fats cells than white ones. And it's possible for CBD to help you turn more of your white fat cells to brown ones.

In a test tube study, CBD helped convert white cells to brown ones and encouraged the body to create more brown fat cells. Exercise and a good night's sleep do the same thing, but there's no reason that CBD can't help your body out!

Reduced Risks

Part of what makes obesity so dangerous is that it is a gateway to other conditions. For example, those with obesity are much likelier to experience high blood pressure, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes.

Some research indicates that obesity is caused by overactive CB1 receptors. Basically, your body is getting the signal that it is hungry more often than is healthy, causing you to eat too much.

As we mentioned before, some research indicates CBD oil helps to turn those receptors off. This causes a chain of events: you eat less, you are less obese, and you are ultimately at less risk of multiple metabolic disorders.

Such research is promising because it indicates that CBD may be beneficial to both your short-term and your long-term health.

The Body Weight Connection

For better or for worse, CBD is a relatively new field of scientific study. This means that the jury is still out on the exact cause and effect relationship between certain factors.

Here's an example: in a study of 50,000 people, those who used marijuana were less likely to be obese than those who did not.

Now, there are key differences between marijuana and CBD, and the exact relationship between marijuana and body weight is not entirely clear. But considering that CBD is within marijuana, it seems likely that CBD can play a positive role in controlling body weight.

Not For Everybody

In case it wasn't already clear, these results have not been universal. So while research indicates that the majority of individuals can experience positive weight loss benefits with CBD, others may not.

Some people may experience no reactions at all. And some people may actually be at higher risk of obesity because of how their CB receptors react to the CBD.

Not a Substitute

Ultimately, we're left with some good news and some bad news. The good news is that CBD oil is likely to promote weight loss on top of its natural effects in treating things like your pain and your mood.

The bad news? It's no substitute for diet and exercise.

In order to get the most brown fat cells and burn the most calories, you'll still need regular exercise. And you'll still want to control what you consume rather than assuming that CBD oil will fully regulate your appetite.

CBD oil is great, but it's not a miracle drug. And true weight loss is still going to take a lot of time and effort.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the secrets to using CBD for weight loss. But do you know where to get the best CBD delivered right to your door?

We have a great selection of CBD options just waiting for you to try. To start your weight loss journey, check out our product selection today!