CBD Conversations: How Long Do CBD Effects Last?

CBD Effects

We are amidst the 20 billion dollar CBD industry boom. While it is our greatest joy that CBD's hit the masses, it has also produced overwhelming amounts of content. 

There are countless technical, science-backed articles explaining cannabinoid compounds, chemicals, and CBD effects on the body. Don't get us wrong, those articles should exist in a 20 billion dollar industry.

We even have our own CBD Overview for those seeking a trusted manufacturer to give you the basics.

For those still drowning in scientific jargon and are left wondering: But how will CBD affect my body, personally? We hear you.

If you've done your own research, it's likely you know what we know: everyone is saying the same thing in different ways.

The number one response to the question: How long do CBD effects last? is met with an inconclusive, unsatisfying, resounding: It depends.

From overcomplicated anatomy breakdowns to opinion-based testimonies, we're here to give you a reliable middle ground.

Varying Factors

It is true that CBD effects in the body depend on the following things:

  • The CBD product and how it's ingested: there are salves, capsules, edibles, beverages, patches, tinctures, vape pens, oils, and other forms
  • The dosage 
  • The frequency it's taken
  • THC content, if any (ours has none to eliminate this factor!)
  • Bodyweight
  • Co-occurring medications or substances 

On top of these factors, the range for CBD effects in the body is anywhere from hours to days. Specifically, a quarter of an hour to an hour after ingestion, CBD effects last for a handful of hours, though the substance remains in the system for a few days. Okay...

The most promising evidence shows that CBD leaves the system after a week, which is determined by analyzing a chemical's half-life in the body. The chemical's half-life coupled with the ingestion method impacts the body differently. For example, CBD topicals like skin or patches may take longer to ingest than a vape pen, which goes through the bloodstream.

Applying your CBD ingestion method to the above-mentioned list of varying factors is exactly why the range of CBD effects on the body is so wide.

How Long Do CBD Effects Last? The Real Answer

These cloudy answers to the question: How long do CBD effects last? forces us to dig deeper. 

Good news. We have the truth and it doesn't come from confusing, ever-changing numbers or over-your-head terminology. It's simple.

The truth to how long CBD effects last is backed by your intention.

For your truth, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you use it for? 
  • Is it for acute or chronic pain?
  • Is it medicinal or recreational?
  • Is it for your mental, emotional, or physical body?
  • Is it part of your holistic routine?
  • Are you using it proactively, or reactively? Is it used in response to something, or as a means of prevention? 

These answers are your study-backed research. Before looking for generalized CBD effects on the body, knowing the "why" behind your CBD use will impact the answer to this question.

The Therapy Behind CBD

If you're using CBD correctly, that means you're using it intentionally. Just as science will provide a useful overview of how bodies work, it's most important to find how your body works within that framework. What form of CBD do you need in relation to what you're experiencing?

Not only is CBD naturally a cannabinoid therapy, but it encourages self-regulation for greater healing. 

In this way, if CBD is used as preventative medicine (which we highly encourage!), the more accurate answer to the question: How long do CBD effects last? is far beyond just one week in your system. Due to CBD's regenerative and resilient effects to trauma in the body, CBD is a rippling remedy.

Now we can update our research from CBD effects in the body lasting hours and days, to months and years. The answer may vary based on your relationship with your body. While CBD effects last beyond our levels of awareness, it encourages us to feel into its medicine.

How long can you actually, deeply feel CBD's effects? Do you feel it in your bones? In your cells? Through increased memory? 

While the length of CBD effects on the body still depends on your dosage, frequency and preferred method of ingestion, ultimately, it's equally determined by what you and your body need.

Long-Term CBD Effects in the Body

Those who treat CBD as preventative medicine are likely to experience CBD effects the longest. Simply, the more consistently you use it, the more your body benefits and the longer the effects last.

Using CBD as a means of therapeutic prevention is an intuitive way to keep the body balanced on a physiological level.

Whether to use CBD as a complement to other medical treatments or as an alternative is a good conversation to have with your medical provider.

Your Body, Your Research

We're here to stay true to the mission by giving you a reliable product with reliable information. Our knowledge is not meant to overwhelm you but to fascinate you. 

Most importantly, it is meant to include you.

CBD 4U is personal. It's not just any CBD from anywhere. It's made for you with comprehensible content about the "why" behind our THC-free, pharmaceutical grade, hemp-based product. With our organic farms, raw hemp processing, and unique purification process, we make it easy for you to choose the best for your body.

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If you'd like to share your truth around how long your CBD effects last with our product, let us know here!