10 Life-changing CBD Health Benefits

full spectrum cbd oil benefits

Your aching, tired body craves CBD (cannabidiol)

It can slash your pain, ease your stress, and improve your health. There are so many CBD oil benefits that they're hard to list.

This guide will help you navigate the growing world of CBD. 

What is CBD?

CBD isn't new. So why are people so interested all of a sudden?

It's all about the law. CBD is sourced from cannabis plants. Until recently, American law prohibited the sale and consumption of cannabis. 

Now, consumers have options. In states with a legal recreational or medical cannabis program, dispensaries can pull CBD from regular cannabis. 

Everywhere else, CBD product manufacturers have to use hemp, a special form of cannabis that has .03% or less THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It's responsible for the heady, euphoric feeling people associate with cannabis. 

Hemp-derived CBD is on sale across the U.S. 

Full and Broad Spectrum CBD, CBD Isolate

Full spectrum CBD refers to CBD that contains all of the cannabinoids typically found in cannabis, including trace amounts of THC. 

Broad spectrum CBD is a full spectrum CBD Oil without any THC. It can't be called "Full Spectrum" since THC is a cannabinoid and with its absence technically not all cannabinoids are present in a broad spectrum oil.

A CBD isolate is pure CBD, unmixed with other cannabinoids.  

It's thought that full and broad spectrum CBD offer more benefits. However, you may live in an area where THC is illegal. Or you may want to avoid THC. Then broad spectrum CBD will be the best option for you.

CBD Oil Benefits 

Everyone from celebrity fitness bloggers to health gurus is gushing about CBD. Why? The health benefits! 

Here's what they are. 

1. Inflammation

CBD might be able to combat inflammation. A wealth of research shows this is possible. 

CBD is a cannabinoid, a compound that has only been found in cannabis plants. Cannabinoids affect your body's endocannabinoid system, a system involved in how your body regulates its hunger, mood, sleeping patterns, etc. 

Rampant, unchecked inflammation leads to serious health problems. CBD could potentially become a mainstream, doctor-prescribed medication if the research continues to show so much promise.

Current inflammation treatments, like corticosteroids, can have severe consequences. They can't be taken without a doctor's supervision. 

2. Pain 

Human beings often live their lives wracked with pain. Opioid painkillers work but they come at a steep price. You risk falling prey to addiction. 

CBD is ridiculously popular in part because of its ability to relieve pain. It's an inexpensive, completely natural way to change the way your body feels. It's not associated with any harsh consequences. 

If you're experiencing a lot of discomfort, try taking a strong dose of CBD. Many people find that a CBD tincture held under their tongue provides fast relief. 

3. Stress

Coping with the demands of modern life can make you feel stressed and anxious. When your mind is trapped in that state, a dose of CBD can be freeing. 

CBD is such an effective stress-reliever that many people develop their own dosing regimen. They chew on a CBD gummy after dinner every night or they start the day by rubbing CBD oil into their skin. 

4. Better Sleep 

Trouble sleeping? If the traditional remedies aren't working, CBD might be able to help. 

CBD calms your mind. When you're battling negative, intrusive thoughts, it's hard to fall asleep. Even run-of-the-mill work stress is enough to upset your routine. 

Your body needs good to sleep to thrive. Constantly shorting yourself will lead to physical and mental problems. A single night of poor sleep is enough to be deprived. 

5. Epilepsy 

Mountains of data support the claim that CBD helps patients with epilepsy. A federally approved drug known as Epidiolex was introduced the market in 2018. Epidiolex is derived from CBD. 

The drug is intended to help patients suffering from intractable seizures. The U.S. government has been slow to recognize CBD's medical uses, but the tide is finally changing. 

Epidiolex isn't a cure. It's a way to control symptoms. It doesn't work perfectly. 

However, it does help countless people. Because epilepsy often strikes in childhood, many of the affected patients are children. Modern medicine didn't have the answer for those kids. 

6. Smooth Skin 

CBD is great for your skin. It can make it appear healthier and fuller. 

Inflammation affects your skin as well. Reducing inflammation can lead to noticeable improvements in your skin, especially if you're prone to getting acne. 

CBD binds to your skin's TRPV-1 receptors. It can help reduce itchy or painful feelings. Athletes love CBD because it soothes their tires muscles after a workout. 

7. Improved General Health 

Ingesting CBD is wonderful for your overall health. Your body receives the benefits whether you notice them or not. 

CBD's effects are often subtle. If you're a healthy person, you may not notice a major difference. 

8. Better Mood 

CBD helps you smile. You'll naturally be in a better mood after your stress and pain are relieved. Some researchers even believe that CBD can be used as an antidepressant. 

Pay very close attention to how CBD makes you feel. You may have different reactions to different products depending on the quality of the CBD, the ingestion method, etc.

A CBD beauty cream, for example, won't penetrate far beyond your skin and probably won't have much of an effect on your mood. 

9. Autism

CBD's calming effect might be useful for children with autism. The compound is completely non-psychoactive and will never intoxicate you. It's safe to give to children. 

There's no cure for autism right now. There do seem to be ways to control the symptoms. Parents who aren't seeing any progress with therapy or medication are starting to turn to CBD oil. 

10. Improved PTSD 

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects people who have lived through terrible realities. They're haunted by their memories. The disorder was first noticed in soldiers. 

Researchers are investigating using CBD to combat PTSD. It doesn't erase what happened, but it might allow you to cope with it in a better way. 

Enjoying Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Benefits 

CBD can change your world. Instead of relying solely on pharmaceutical medicines to heal your body, you can use natural CBD. The entire plant is loaded with helpful compounds. 

Our range of CBD products includes oils, softgel capsules, and a lavender-infused salve. Buy today to start experiencing broad spectrum CBD oil benefits.